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ABBALUX DIY Lamp| Incredibly Employed Used Toner Cartridge

By: Reebz on August 16th, 2011

You can employ your used toner cartridges in many ways. If you want to save money you can simply opt for recycling or buying remanufactured cartridges. However, at the same time you can be wild in your creativity and prepare decorative items out of your used printer cartridges for home. While browsing on the internet, I stumbled across an amazing retro Abbalux DIY lamp on Flickr. I found it worth sharing, enjoy the photo stream and praise the creativity used in making this colourful lamp!


Laborant48, used printer toner foil marvellously and created a master piece in the form of Retro lamp. Not only he has recycled his used toner cartridge foil, but has also re-used the wireframe for lamp which he had found on the street.

Get creative with your used toner cartridges, rather than filling in the landfills with carcinogenic elements present in the printer cartridges.

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