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Unusual Recycling Ideas From Worn Out Products

By: Reebz on August 15th, 2011

Recycling saves you environment, and money both. Why not get inspired and appreciate the unusual ideas of recycling which are results of someone’s creative skills? GreenTech encourage recycling of all possible products and help the reader know about the advancement in “Modern Recycling”. We have collected some eye-widening examples of recycling from around the world.

Have a look at them:

Amazing Computer Parts Sandals

Steven Rodrig is always flooded with unique ideas and creates amazing products which leave all of the viewers/fans in a fit of dumbstruck.  He works with PCBs and invents unique items by using unusual item of old computer parts. Now, he has surprised all of us by these unique sandals made from computer worn-out parts.

Data Sandals Front View

Image source: Etsy

These data sandals are embellished with PC mother boards, ribbon wire and many of other electronic components. Some time back he created a similar pair of high heels.

Data Sandals Sole view

Image Source: Etsy

The only drawback of these one of its kind sandal is that they are not wearable. However, art lovers around the world would definitely love to fondle it, or to add it in their treasure display of unique products.

Storm-Fallen Branch, Simple yet Beautiful Lamp

Disturbed by the branches and trees falling down during a storm? Why not be creative and recycle these fallen branches into simple and handmade lamp? Remember, simplicity is the real charm of anything!

Storm-Fallen Branch-Lamp


See how, one of a designer Harris Hine, has created a simple yet beautiful lamp from a branch that fell down during a storm that hit New York last autumn.  The lamp consists of few metal shims, a spun aluminium shade, a lamp cord, and a light bulb.

Recycled Telephone Wire Bowl

Following bowl made from recycled telephone wire is beautiful and eye-catchy. It is a product of South Africa and attracts attention towards it in a flash of a second.

Telephone Wire Bowl

Image Source: DOJO Ecoshop

Want even more beautiful bowls and baskets made from recycled telephone wire? Here is a beautiful collection of colourful recycled baskets.

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