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Town to Send ‘Thank You’ Cards To Recyclers

By: Hanif Bhatti on July 19th, 2010

Residents of Fareham who have been doing well with recycling waste are going to get ‘thank you’ messages from the Fareham Borough Council. The council has been looking at methods to improve its waste recycling rate that dropped from 42 to 38 percent for the year ending March 31, 2010 and help it to reach a government target of 45 percent by 2015.

A recycling league table will also be published on the council’s website; a move officers hope will encourage a “competitive spirit among neighbourhoods.”

Councillor Keith Evans, who is in charge of waste and recycling issues at Fareham council, said: ‘Recycling rates across the country have plateaued recently so we are trying very hard to keep up the message of how important it is. We believe it is something they should want to do – we want to explain to people why it makes sense for them, not just in terms of the recycling but also economically as not doing so could ultimately lead to higher council taxes.’

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