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A US Couple Recycles Cans to Fund Their Wedding

By: Hanif Bhatti on July 12th, 2010

In a previous post we told you how people made millions from recycling, especially Sweden’s Curt Degerman was known for rifling through garbage bins to collect cans and bottles and made $1.4 million (£929,800) before his death. Well, a Spokane couple is following Curt’s footsteps as they’re funding their wedding expenses by recycling 400,000 cans to collect $3,800 (£2515).

Peter Geyer and Andrea Parrish “reached their goal last week when over a ton of aluminium cans was hauled off their porch by a local recycler. They continue to collect cans to raise money for their honeymoon and to donate to Doctors Without Borders and Rim Country Land Institute,” reports Lori Bongiorno at Yahoo! Green.

The American couple came up with the idea when they realised that they’d have to save $500 a month to pay for their wedding if they wanted to get married in a reasonable amount of time and avoid getting into debt. Parrish had helped Geyer sort through some cans an evening and knew they could get money for aluminium by the pound, so she figured why not collect aluminium cans to fund their wedding and help the environment.

Parrish built a website and spread the word amongst friends and through social media. Now many other couples are copying their idea to raise money for weddings and other causes. With only $3,800 to spend on a party for 150 people their wedding will also be ‘Green’.

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