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A Home Energy Monitor to Check Your Electricity Budget and Carbon Footprint

By: Hanif Bhatti on August 19th, 2010

The Conserve Insight showing CO2 emissions from your appliance / Image source: Belkin

In a previous post we shared a link that helped you calculate the amount of electricity you use every day. But those calculations were based on the estimated usage and the estimated electricity your appliances consume and don’t tell you the exact numbers.

Well, you can use this home energy monitor ‘Conserve Insight’ from the California-based company, Belkin, to see the true impact of various appliances and devices both financially and on the environment.

You can simply plug any appliance into the Conserve Insight and it will show you how much that appliance really costs each year in terms of watts, dollars and carbon dioxide.

The customisable monitor is preloaded with the US average electricity rate for use in calculations. You can enter your own rate from your electricity bill and you can also set the CO2 emissions rate for your specific region.

The Conserve Insight is now available for preorder for $29.99 (£19.26).

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