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5 Green Office Gadgets

By: Hanif Bhatti on August 5th, 2010

Image source: Mashable

In a previous post we told you about 10 green gadgets for everyday use. But businesses and offices use energy and resources the most. So Mashable has a list of 5 energy efficient office gadgets for businesses to ‘go green’.

1. Energy Efficient Printer

Image source: Mashable

If you haven’t yet achieved a paperless office and still have to print necessary documents, use this eco printer from HP. The HP LaserJet P4015x Printer reduces energy use by up to 50% with the “Instant-on” technology.

2. Water-Powered Calculator

Image source: Mashable

This useful water-powered calculator uses water-activated batteries that require moisture to activate the carbon particles needed to produce energy. When the batteries seem to be discharged, simply refill the two battery tubes with tap water and the calculator should be good to go for another two to three months.

3. Mac Mini

Image source: Mashable

Apple’s Mac Mini claims to be the world’s most energy-efficient computer. According to Apple, “the power supply for Mac mini has been reduced from 110W to 85W and is now up to 90% efficient. A built-in power supply means no plastic housing, less weight, and less cable clutter. The Mac Mini uses less than 10W of power when idle, which is 25W less than the previous generation, and claims to be something no other desktop computer can do.”

4. Solar Gadget Charger

Image source: Mashable

This small portable solar panel charging kit can power even a laptop. The Solar Gorilla’s panels can produce 10W of power in direct sunlight, which is enough to charge any number of electronic goods.

5. The Ecobutton

Image source: Mashable

The Ecobutton allows you to power down your computer every time you step away, with the simple touch of the Ecobutton.

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