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5 Simple and Fast Fundraising Ideas

By: Hanif Bhatti on June 22nd, 2010

Fundraisers should be simple and easy and should have quick results. Here are five simple and fast fundraising ideas.

1. Ugly Tie Contest

Ugly Tie Contest - Fundraising idea

Participants of an ugly tie contest / image source:

Let’s accept the fact that we all buy wearables and clothing over the years that are undesirable and we would rather forget about. Ugly tie contest can be a great fundraising idea that will not only help you raise funds but to give people opportunity to laugh.

In the ugly tie contest, participants can be asked to pay a participation fee, say £5 each. Then we can all laugh at each other’s tie without joking at anyone’s expense and decide who has the ugliest tie. The winner can be given a prize, a ticket to theatre, movie or a dinner in local restaurant.

Alternatively you can name it biggest/smallest/colourful/oldest tie contest.

2. Family Night Out

This fast and simple fundraiser starts with a pot-luck dinner of donated food. A family movie, complete with popcorn, is enjoyed after dinner. Tickets are sold in advance for planning purposes but can also be sold at the door for a higher price. Families pay a modest sum for “dinner and a movie” and the whole family gets a night out.

3. Green Activity

Plant Sale for Fundraising

Selling plants for fundraising / image source: uucortland

You can plan an activity for going green. Sell plants to promote a greener surrounding. This fundraising idea helps you accomplish two tasks. You are helping to protect the environment and raising funds simultaneously.

4. Trike-a-Thon

Trike-a-thon for fundraising

A Trike-a-thon for fundraising / image source:

Trike-a-Thons are a good option to make funds for your schools or day-care centres. Getting people to donate money for each lap a young child does on their tricycle is not only fun for kids, but it is also exciting for parents and family members. It is a simple and fast fundraising idea that helps you make money and get families outside participating in an activity together.

5. Recycling Old Technology

Recycling Old Mobile Phones

Recycle Old Mobile Phones / image source:

Recycling old technology is easy and many recyclers pay large sums of cash in the matter of few days for recycling old technology. There are many recyclers in the UK that pay up to £400 for a used mobile phone. You can ask businesses and individuals to donate their old mobile phones, iPods, laptops, mp3 players, gaming consoles and even recycling empty inkjet and toner cartridges.

You can then sell them to any recycling company that pay you in return. In most cases you get your cheque within 14 to 20 working days. Check out our top 5 money making ideas by recycling old technology for details on the major recyclers.

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