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Recycle Cartridges: Help Preserving Wild Life by Recycling Cartridges

By: Reebz on August 29th, 2011

Did you know that your old mobile phones or printer cartridges could be used to protect the environment and help preserve wild life? If you take a look around your apartment or house, you will inevitably find several unwanted goods that can be recycled. Recycle cartridges first, that are lying idly in your home.

recycle cartridges to save wild life

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When you recycle cartridges, you do not only save money but you potentially play a role in savouring those of the future generations as well as saving many lives (both animal and human). Printer cartridges thrown in landfills and dumps take 1000’s of years to decompose and in the process release harmful gases like nitrous oxide, that pollute both the air and water. Recycle cartridges, and you will also help create jobs for the unemployed. According to the Guardian, if the UK were to meet the 70% recycling target, it could create 29,400 jobs in the recycling industry.

Besides the commonly known advantage derived from recycling cartridges, it is certainly worth mentioning that when one recycle cartridges, he or she helps to preserve wildlife. Recycle cartridges and save trees and animal habitats that are needed otherwise for landfills. It means more habitats for animals, ensuring obvious decrease in animal extinction. Judge yourself and see that how much you can save environment if you recycle cartridges.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature has released its Red List of the world’s plants and animals that face extinction due to demolition of habitats and safe homes by rapid deforestation. Recycle cartridges and help save these lives to ensure that our planet is enriched with all the beauty and life it deserves.

It is just a simple step: recycle cartridges. Offices, homes and multinationals alike are all delved in the world of printing for efficiency and if every single printer cartridge were to be recycled, thousands of habitats could be saved. The first step towards this eventual conclusion is to raise awareness. Not many people are aware of the harm their non-recycling habits (especially in the case of printer cartridges) cause. I hope that by reading this post, most of you will think before throwing your cartridge in a landfill or garbage and instead resort to recycle cartridges!

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